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The Fence

For Arty Cooper, the unthinkable has happened. He has lost his only son in the Iraq War.

While he grieves and tries to heal, a refugee Iraqi family has moved in next door, dredging up his anger and prejudice. He reacts by shunning them and then by building a fence around his property, blocking them out… and his emotions in.

When his neighbor’s young daughter goes missing, the community is shaken. Arty is suspected… and finally confronts his pain and fear, only to find that his healing comes from a most unexpected source.



Welcome to Dreyfus Films, where it gives us great pleasure to introduce you to our team and our craft… and the first of what we believe will be many successful films! “The Fence” has now been accepted to several film festivals and the list continues to grow.

A special Connecticut Shoreline screening and after-party sponsored by our friends at LA Productions, is being held at Parsons Auditorium – 70 W. River St. Milford, CT 06460 at 7pm.

Please join us and if you are not able to, please consider ordering a copy of the new DVD with contributions being made to various Gold Star family and soldier-supportive organizations. Visit the site or click on the button below…